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A Long History of Complex, Non-contact Temperature Sensing


With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of infrared radiation thermometers, Sensortherm is constantly setting new standards in digital pyrometry and offers its customers economical and technically high-quality solutions. 

Our fast and precise non-contact temperature sensing devices provide optimal feedback to control the most challenging applications. 

High speed

Sensortherm is a leader in digital pyrometer technology, especially our ratio pyrometers which are the world’s fastest devices with digital signal processing.  The newest laser technologies require faster and faster speed and SensorTherm continues to push the boundaries to assist leading laser companies advance their products and systems. 

Superior optics

High quality optics are a cornerstone to SensorTherm’s superior products.  Pyrometers are non-contact temperature measurement devices that detect infrared radiation emitted from a body (heated product) to determine temperature.  The optics of a pyrometer are crucial to allow the IR detectors to accurately sense the appropriate radiation.  SensorTherm pyrometers can be designed with manual or motorized focusable optics to optimize the signal.

Challenging viewing environment

One advantage of a 2-color pyrometer is the ability to detect IR radiation through obstructions such as smoke, dust, steam, dirty viewing windows, or plasma.  By carefully selecting the wavelengths of the pyrometer and using digital processing of the signals, an obstructive-immune temperature can be determined.  SensorTherm 2-color pyrometers measure the infrared radiation at two closely spaced wavelengths at the same time and determine the temperature by forming a quotient.


By selecting premium components and materials, designing for the harshest environments, and manufacturing to the most strict practices, our pyrometers provide the longest life.  All Sensortherm devices are “made in Germany” at our headquarters in Steinbach am Taunus.

SensorTherm, the 30-year-old pyrometer company in Germany, manufactures fast and precise non-contact temperature sensing devices for laser, steel, glass, induction, and open flame markets.  Our success is built upon an extensive knowledge of pyrometer applications.  We design our systems to meet the fastest and most challenging non-contact temperature sensing applications.