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Photecture: A Leading Distributor of TactiScan in America


In the ongoing battle against illegal drug trafficking and substance abuse, law enforcement agencies continually seek advanced and safer methods for detecting narcotics. TactiScan, a cutting-edge non-exposure narcotic scanner, has emerged as a transformative solution that utilizes safe Near Infrared (NIR) technology.

This groundbreaking device offers a wide array of benefits, not only significantly enhancing officer safety but also optimizing the detection process, making it an indispensable tool for modern law enforcement agencies.

Advantages of TactiScan:

Officer Safety: Scan through plastic bags without direct contact.

Traditional drug detection methods often require officers to physically handle suspicious substances, putting them at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals and contaminants. TactiScan eliminates this potential harm by employing non-exposure NIR technology. Law enforcement officers can now scan through transparent plastic bags without direct contact, ensuring their safety while accurately identifying illicit substances.

Fast Readings: Instant results through a user-friendly mobile app.

In law enforcement, time-sensitive operations demand swift and accurate results. TactiScan’s mobile app provides officers with instantaneous readings, enabling them to rapidly ascertain the presence of narcotics. The user-friendly interface ensures that officers can interpret the results quickly, empowering them to make well-informed decisions promptly.

Ever Expanding and Central Database: Updated with new illicit substances and cutting agents.

The illegal drug market is constantly evolving, with new substances and cutting agents emerging regularly. TactiScan remains at the forefront of detection technology by maintaining an expanding database. Law enforcement personnel can confidently stay ahead of evolving drug trends and adapt their strategies to combat the ever-changing tactics employed by drug traffickers.

Efficient Record Keeping: Access scans and generate comprehensive reports on a secure web portal.

Accurate record-keeping is essential for effective law enforcement operations. TactiScan simplifies this process by providing a secure web portal that stores all scans and their respective results. Officers can easily access this data, report generation, and aiding in the documentation of investigations and legal proceedings.

Affordability: A fraction of the cost of Raman devices, without compromising performance.

While advanced drug detection technologies have proven highly effective, some may be cost-prohibitive for smaller law enforcement agencies with limited budgets. TactiScan presents a cost-effective alternative, significantly more affordable than Raman devices, while maintaining outstanding performance and accuracy. This accessibility ensures that agencies of all sizes can equip their officers with the latest and safest drug detection technology.


TactiScan’s non-exposure narcotic scanner revolutionizes the landscape of drug detection in law enforcement, placing paramount emphasis on officer safety. By employing safe Near Infrared (NIR) technology, officers can confidently scan suspicious containers without risking their well-being. The mobile app’s instant readings and the ever-expanding database keep law enforcement personnel equipped with the latest information, empowering them to take timely and effective action against drug-related crimes.

Moreover, the efficient web portal facilitates seamless record-keeping, enhancing overall productivity and accuracy in investigations. As a cost-effective solution, TactiScan ensures that law enforcement agencies of all sizes can access cutting-edge drug detection technology, reaffirming the commitment to create a safer and drug-free society for all. With TactiScan at their disposal, law enforcement agencies gain a powerful ally in their unyielding fight against narcotics, securing a better and safer future for communities worldwide.